Office Automation Products

Currency Note Counting Machine


  • Batch And Add Counting Modes
  • Counterfeit Detection By Uv/Mg/Ir. Suitable For Entire Range Of Indian Currency Notes
  • Continuous
  • Counting speed : 1000 pcs / min.

Mix Value Currency Counting Machine


  • Automatic start, stop and clear
  • UV (ultraviolet) detection
  • MG (magnetic) detection
  • Batch function
  • Add function
  • Mix value counting and denomination sort function

Paper Shredder


  • Cross-cut paper shredder with 8-sheet capacity; destroys credit cards (one at a time)
  • Shreds paper into strips measuring 3/16"x 1-27/32", meeting security level P3 standards
  • 3 minute continuous run time with 30 minute cool down cycle with overheat LED indicator
  • Angled feed entry for safety with auto start mode and manual reverse to clear paper jams

Note Bundle Counting Machine


Bundle note counter handles loads of money whether or not new, old or dust-covered currency alike. For tasks like counting banknotes strapped or bundled, Turbojet can be a life saver. Its rapid numeration speed and handily set to currency placement make it a wise alternative for the client UN agency wants quicker and correct numeration for their bulk money.

The filters are set at the bottom portion of the machine coated with a door. Which suggests that the client will them clean the filter sporadically while not having to attend to maintenance. For bulk cash handling Turbojet, the desktop is the most suitable option. It can operate endlessly for hours along.

Digital Door Lock System


  • No need to remember to bring along your keys when you go out
  • No need to lock your doors
  • No more rummaging through your pockets, purses or bags
  • No more forgotten and lost keys
  • No need for spare keys
  • No more cutting keys for visitors