Mobile Phone Jammer


Mobile phone safety reasons, experts in communication via in-depth study of the device of utilizing electromagnetic technology finally found an effective means to block signal and prevent leak, developed signal jammers successfully. The advantages of using Mobile phone jammers are immense. In many countries, it is widely used for safety purposes. Jammers are the perfect example for advancement in contemporary digital communication expertise and electronic expertise. It is also prominent as a new digital integration technology. The modulation mode and wireless control are the major reason behind its rising popularity.

Mobile phone jammer is an electronic device that blocks transmission of signals between a Mobile phone and a base station. By using the same frequency as a mobile handset, the Mobile phone jammer creates strong interference for communication between the caller and receiver. It is efficient in blocking transmission of signals from networks including UMTS, 4G, 3G, CDMA, GSM and PHS.

Mobile phones operate at different frequency bands in different countries. For India, the 900 MHz band is the primary band, particularly for urban areas. 850 MHz is used as a backup in rural areas. India uses 900 and 1800 MHz bands, depending on the area. India tend to use the GSM 900 and 1800 bands as standard. Middle East, Africa, Asia and Oceania also use these frequency bands. In Russia and some other countries, local carriers have licenses for 450 MHz frequency to provide CDMA coverage.

The use of different frequencies makes it difficult to have a jammer for all frequencies.

Signal blockers are even used in universities, schools, government agencies and prisons. Blocking conversation on these places cannot certainly become a distraction. On the contract, accused and students cannot cheat by contacting others or outsiders. Thus, the advantages of using Mobile phone jammers are immense. It has become a compulsory addition to high security areas like detention centers and prisons. It prevents illegal communication between visitors and inmates. Nowadays, it is even utilized in places like libraries and movie theaters. As a result, having a jammer can help maintain quiet atmosphere, prevent cheating and increase security. Keep in mind, signal jammers are not designed to harm or hurt general public. They give calm and peace to people.

4G Mobile Phone Jammer with working range up to 30 Meter


  • Highly portable design
  • GSM, CDMA, DCS, PHS and 3G and 4G signals jammer
  • Works up to 30 meters radius
  • Wall socket power charging
  • Mini size and medium power
  • No harm to human body


  • Primary Function: High Powered 4G Cell Phone Signal Jammer
  • Isolating Signal Bandwidth
    1. CDMA: 850 - 894MHz
    2. GSM: 925 - 960MHz
    3. DCS: 1805 - 1880MHz
    4. PHS: 1900 - 1990MHz
    5. 3G: 2110-2170MHz
    6. 4G: 725-770MHz or 790-862MHz; 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690MHz
  • Antenna: 5 x Omni-directional Antennas
  • Effective Range: up to 30 meter semidiameters (Depending on Cell Phone network density and physical obstructions)
  • Power Source: Wall Plug
  • Internal Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Total Output Power: 10W
  • Energy Consumption: 30W
  • Operation Temperature: 40 degrees Celsius under zero to 55 degrees Celsius
  • Operation Humidity: 20-95 percent
  • Power Supply: AC 110-220V plus or minus 10 percent / DC 5V 50-60Hz
  • Color: White
  • Certification: CE, ISO

Package Contents

  • 1 x 3G and 4G Cell Phone Jammer
  • 5 x Antennas
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x User Manual

5 Antennas Portable High Powered 4G Cell phone Signal Jammer


  • Primary Function: High Powered Cell phone, 3G, and 4G Signal Jammer
  • Highly portable design
  • Isolating Signal Bandwidth:
    1. CDMA/GSM : 850 to 960MHz
    2. GSM: 925 - 960Mhz
    3. DCS/PCS : 1805 to 1880MHZ
    4. PHS: 1900 - 1990MHZ
    5. 3G : 2,110 to 2,170MHz
    6. WiFi : 2400-2500MHz
    7. 4G WIMAX : 2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690
    8. 4G LTE: 725-770MHZ
  • Antenna: 5x Omni-directional Antennas
  • Coverage Area: up to 20 meters
  • Power Source : Wall plug, car adapter, or built-in battery
  • Internal Battery: 1600mAh rechargeable li-ion
  • Typical Battery Life: 2-3 hours of continuous use
  • Total Output Power: Up to 3W
  • Operating Temperature: -10 to +50 Celsius
  • Operating Humidity: 5% to 80%
  • Power Supply: 100-240v, 12v
  • Approved: CE / FCC

Package Contents

  • 1 x Signal Jammer with 5 Antennas
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x User Manual - English

Adjustable 3G 4G Cell Phone Jammer

CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G Desktop Five Bands Signal Jammer


  • Adjustable Desktop Five Bands Signal Jammer for CDMA/GSM, DCS/PCS, 3G, 4G
  • Isolating Signal Bandwidth:
    1. CDMA/GSM(850-960MHz)
    2. DCS(1805-1880MHz) or DCS/PCS:1805 to 1990MHz
    3. 3G (2100-2170MHz)
    4. 4G1 (LTE:725-770MHZ OR 790-862 mhz)
    5. 4G2 (2345-2400MHz or 2620-2690 mhz)
  • Total Output power: 12W
  • Power Supply: AC adapter (AC100-240V DC5V12A)
  • Shielding Radius: Up to 40 Meters (depending on the mobile service provider's network condition and background signal strength)
  • Adjustable outpat power, each band can be controlled separately

Package Contents

  • Jammer
  • AC Power Charger
  • Car charger
  • 5 x Antennas
  • User Manual